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Accounts Reconciliation Services

Our accounting experts support the clients for reconciliation of their accounts whether it is bank reconciliation, customers’ ledger reconciliation, suppliers’ ledger reconciliation, inter  company reconciliation or any other statements/ledger. We provide the accounts reconciliation services to small and medium size companies, corporates, MNCs etc. This helps the organisations to eliminate legal issues, to maintain the confidentiality of the critical data and to reduce chances of fraud and corruptions. The accounts reconciliation services includes the following:

  1. Bank Statement Reconciliation:
    Timely reconciliation of bank accounts is very vital to ensure proper control and sufficient balance of funds in the company. In some of the accounting softwares used by the companies there are options for bank reconciliation within the software. Whether the software supports uploading bank statements, can not be automatically reconciled by software. In such instances reconciliation has to be done manually. In the case of companies having huge number of transactions (online transactions, too many cash/cheque deposits and withdrawals,  etc) , which is very hard for them.
  2. Suppliers Ledger Reconciliation/Vendor Payments Reconciliation:

    Though proper data entry is made through accounting software sometimes reconciliation between the supplier ledger and the statement of accounts from the supplier is a nightmare for an accountant. When the number of transactions are huge and the considerations like discounts, rebate, returns etc also requires, the reconcialition between the accounts becomes more difficult. Scope of reconciliation of supplies ledger/vendor payments involves the following:

    • To ensure invariably all the suppliers accounts are credited with the invoices received for the supplies they made for.
    • To see that purchase returns are properly debited in the suppliers account, for which either debit notes are raised against the suppliers or credit notes received from them.
    • Ensure that normally while making payment to suppliers the purchase returns and discounts availed/received were adjusted against amount due for supplies. And the payments made to suppliers are properly debited in the concerned suppliers accounts.
    • In case of advances made to suppliers, checking of accounting entries will be made to ensure that all the advance payment made to suppliers will be correctly accounted and before making final payment to suppliers the same have been adjusted against the bill/s due.
    • If there is any adjustment (debit/credit) for price variation agreed with the supplier it will be ensured that the same has been adjusted before making settlement with suppliers for bills.
    • Make sure the exchange difference is correct and accounted for.

    • Information Required:

      • Suppliers Ledger statement
      • Invoices received from suppliers.
      • Debit notes issued to suppliers.
      • Credit Notes received from the suppliers.
      • Copy of Contracts/Agreements entered by the management of the company with suppliers.
      • Copy of bank statements to verify the payments.
      • Statement of accounts / Copy of ledger account from suppliers.
  3. Customers’ Ledger Reconciliation:

    Similar to suppliers ledger reconciliation, customers ledger reconciliation also become complicated if the number of transactions are more and additional considerations such as discounts, rebates, returns etc are involved in the contract. The scope of the work involves the following:

    • Make sure all customers' books are billed by opening their invoice.
    • To see the sales returns are properly credited in the customers’ account.
    • Confirm whether the discounts given to customers or the terms agreed with them are correctly reflected in their books.
    • In case of advances received from customers, checking of accounting entries will be made
    • If there is any adjustment (debit/credit) for price variation agreed with the customers it will be ensured that the same has been adjusted only to the extent customers are eligible, for making the settlement with the company.
    • Check whether there are any foreign exchange differences which were accounted properly as per the terms with the customers.

    • Information Required:

      • Customers’ Ledger statement
      • Invoices issued to customers.
      • Debit Notes received from customers.
      • Credit Notes issued to customers.
      • Copy of Contracts/Agreements entered by the management of the company with customers.
      • Copy of bank statements to verify the payments received from customers.
      • Statement of accounts /Copy of ledger account from customers.
  4. Intercompany Reconciliations:
    Reconciliation between companies is also a lengthy job for accountants. Intercompany transactions can be between headquarters and its affiliates or between affiliates.

Information Required:

  • Statement of accounts from company books of account.
  • Statement of accounts from the related party or branch.
  • Documents such as invoices, debit notes, credit notes, payment details etc.
  • Copies of company / branch related contracts / agreements.