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External Audit Service

External Audit Service by CBD Accounting Firm

Auditors are accounting professionals who are responsible to analyze and understand the economic risks and challenges for a business. They submit their audit report to the top management of the company and highlight the challenges and risks and what measures are required to face them.

Our concept of present-day auditing necessities propels us to embrace an effective and risk-oriented methodology. When performing out an External Audit, we guarantee that it is comprehensively engaged and isn't constrained just to deciphering the figures in yearly financial statements, yet in addition assesses factors, for example, the professional workplace and procedure, just as center procedures and chose key areas.

External Auditors are third party auditors who work for entities to audit their financial statements on the basis of their audit requirements and after completing the Auditing process, they need to submit their final audit report to the top management, board of directors, shareholders, as well as others.

CBD Accounting and Tax Consultant offer independent, high quality and efficient External Audit Service to the clients. We have a long proven experience in External Auditing and have worked with over 500 clients in the UAE

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