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Regular Accounting Supervision Services

A company needs a full-time accountant who will manage all data entry work of the company. We CBD Accounting and Tax Consultant cover following things in regular account supervision services:

  • The customers must provide the correct information for regular account supervision because the documents and information provided by them will be checked.

  • We ensure that the revenue and transactions of the organization are as per the principles of accounting and it meets the business and contract requirements.

  • We ensure the transactions done by the company are as per the documents and authorized by the client's organization.

  • We ensure that reconciliation of bank accounts, customer accounts, supplier accounts, and other accounts are prepared well in time.

  • We also ensure that the prepayments, unearned income, and advances, etc are prepared correctly as per our records.

We CBD Accounting and Tax Consultant are a Dubai based accounting consulting firm that offers a wide range of Regular Accounting Supervision Services in the UAE, China, and other middle east countries. We also provide other accounting and tax services at an acceptable cost.

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