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Tax Agent Service

Tax Agent Service in the UAE by CBD Accounting and TAX Consultant

It won't be constantly possible for the organizations to take care of the issues on tax matters and resolve it with the concerned authority (FTA) without other assistance. It will be essential for organizations to hire a tax agent to deal with tax matters. If a company hires an agent, it can be benefitted for them in the following terms:

  • We have to work on documentation and submit our documents in Arabic to the concerned authority. We no need to worry if we don't have records in Arabic because that tax agent will be an Arabic proficient professional.

  • We have to maintain our records for the long term like 5 years. So, hiring a full-time tax agent is good for our business as he can help us to meet the legal requirements for the long term.

  • There is always a risk of penalties for businesses due to changing the law and policies. A tax agent keeps always update himself for the new laws, so this risk is eliminated.

  • Businesses always need better tax planning. A tax agent can suggest the right things to implement that help in better tax planning.

  • Tax agent also plays a very significant role when we get assessment notice for the assessment.

According to the article 14 of the government law no 7 of 2017; official guidelines will indicate the procedure for listing a tax agent in the register and the rights and commitments of the tax agent before the authority and the taxable person. CBD Accounting and TAX Consultant is registered as a tax agent in the UAE to serve the business community better.

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