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Business Valuation and Restructuring

Valuation & Financial Restructuring

With business valuation and restructuring, we can verify the value of the transaction and to prompt whether to accept the call or not for the business deal is the focal point of this service from CBD Accounting and Tax Consultant.

We offer a total scope for business valuation and restructuring, mergers and obtaining service. Our experience is broad with universal exposure and familiarity with different societies and sensibilities converting into value transactions in the complex transaction of mergers and acquisitions. Direction to show up the reasonable value of the business which is reliable for the third party and which suits the motivation behind the valuation from the administration point in an effective way will be attempted. Our group of experts gives help all through a merger or joint venture setup. From starting a discourse with potential accomplices, the setting of right directions to documentation and business plan, our group will collaborate with you at all times.

We can help you with business valuation and restructuring in the following ways:

  •  Fair value determination for Tangible and more significantly Intangible Assets of the company.
  •  Undertaking business valuation and restructuring based on the latest methodologies
  •  Complete analysis of a system, financial & administrative operations
  •  Identifying profit maximization divisions
  •  Identifying the loss-making areas
  •  Consulting for better ways of doing operations
  •  Identify opportunities that add value to our clients business
  •  Lead the negotiation process armed with the knowledge of strength weakness
  •  Advice & assistance with funding the acquisition
  •  Implementation & review of the transition process
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