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The VAT is implementation came into effect from 1st January 2018. It is an indirect tax imposed on products and services on each sale. Companies must go for the VAT implementation in the UAE. CBD Accounting and Consultant offer its VAT implementation services at affordable prices in all over the UAE.

Required steps in VAT implementation service:

Study the Business Model:

We have to study the business nature of the company in order to provide better VAT service to the customer.

Analyze the impact of VAT on your business:

For better clearness and appraisal for the management and to streamline the operations of the organization by agreeing to the UAE VAT necessities, we study the effect on business on working capital, costing and benefit.

Registration for VAT:

We ensure that businesses are registered with the tax ID for VAT implementation.

Accounting systems under VAT:

The present accounting systems will be scrutinized. In order to prepare the first VAT return to the Federal Tax Office (FTA), It is recommended that financial accounting statements be produced using the appropriate taxonomy based on the VAT system. It is suggested that financial accounting statements be created utilizing the right testimony based on the VAT system to prepare the first VAT return to the Federal Tax Office (FTA).

Invoicing under VAT:

We implement the requirements of VAT invoicing under the UAE VAT law.

Filing on VAT Return

We support for filing for the first VAT return by taking the right input tax credit against the total VAT.

What is VAT verification in Dubai UAE

All companies that get registered for VAT get a unique code, the unique code is called VAT number or VAT registration number. Companies can get their VAT registration numbers mentioned on the certificate issued by HMRC.

CBD Accounting and Tax Consultant is a leading VAT consultant that provides a wide range of services for VAT Implementation services, registration, and VAT Verification service.

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